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Sloan Vazquez: Hands-on Experience, Proven Performance


A Fresh Approach

Sloan Vazquez is a leading-edge consulting firm providing waste management and recycling services for public and private-sector clients including Orange County, California, the city of Irvine, and the South Bayside Waste Management Authority, a 12-city joint powers authority (JPA) in the San Francisco Bay Area. Sloan Vazquez meets the needs of these and other clients with an approach different from that of the engineers and accountants common in the field.


A Foundation of Experience


Founded in the disciplines of business management, finance, and economics, the firm brings more than 40 years of experience in management of residential and commercial collection, the permitting, construction and management of transfer stations and Material Recovery Facilities (MRF). With that portfolio, “hands-on" management is a reality, not a slogan.

Joe Sloan launched the firm in 2000 and serves as Primary Project Manager, drawing on 25 years of professional experience in the environmental field. Mr. Sloan has advised numerous government agencies and municipalities. Enrique Vazquez, the Coordinating Partner who came on board 2005, draws from his vast experience in the management and operations of municipal solid waste collection and management services. This experience enables Sloan Vazquez to deploy proven expertise in rate-setting procedures, revenue requirement analysis, cost-reduction strategies and audits for both operations and financial performance.


Multi-tasking Management and Satisfied Clients


The firm's full-service functions include preparation of service contracts, analysis and ranking of proposals, negotiation, and contract compliance management.  Sloan Vazquez has honed its expertise in the equipment systems of solid waste and recycling, such as conveyors, balers, and screens, along with loaders, forklifts, trucks and all the various electrical control systems.

From contracts to collection, from billing to audits and compliance, Sloan Vazquez has mastered all aspects of solid waste management and recycling and taken them to a new level. As a result, the firm is able to multi-task and engage swiftly on any project. Speed of engagement reduces the cost of services and accelerates project completion.


That makes for satisfied clients in both the public and private sectors. Beyond California, these include the joint powers authority in Brown, Outagamie, and Winnebago in Wisconsin. All have come to rely on the proven performance Sloan Vazquez can deliver.